San Fermin!


Another post so soon? Yes! Hmm well last week I spent a lot of time with Rachel. We went to her house and went swimming and watched Nacho, one of the kids that she nannies for. He is 4 years old and precious. Although, he doesn´t speak much English so it´s interesting to watch them interact. On Wednesday, we wanted to go to an English bookstore and get some books, which we did, and it turns out there was an intercambio going on while we were there. So we stayed for awhile and met a few people and tried to talk in Spanish. I definitely want to go again, because I still need to practice my Spanish! On Thursday when I wrote my last post it was 4th of July! We tried our best to recreate a 4th of July at home and had a picnic at the pool with hot dogs (that we had to make on a frying pan on the stove), corn on the cob, and the most delicious strawberries I´ve had in my life. And that was pretty much it. We also spent a lot of time trying to change our tickets for the weekend and also got some snacks and an outfit for Pamplona, which we left for on Friday. Thursday night Fátima, one of my new roommates, and I went to the neighbors downstairs because they were having a party. It was nice to meet them, although a lot of them were leaving soon and it was hard to tell who actually lived there. But it was fun to do something with her and I hope to spend more time with her, and practice my Spanish with her because she is currently my only Spanish roomate!

On Friday, María and Irene both weren´t there so I had the privilege of trying to do the press clipping, los periódicos, and translations all by myself. I was very proud of myself to do it all, when normally they do a lot of it. It was a surprisingly busy day for a Friday!

Right after work I raced to Rachel´s house and we went to the bus station to get our 315 bus to Pamplona. We arrived there around 815 with all of our bags and no where to go. We wandered around looking for somewhere to get a drink, until someone asked us if we needed directions and told us how to get to a more busy area. So we thought we would just go get a drink and sit down, but everyone was in the streets! So we found a drink and a spot to sit and made some friends who we ended up hanging out with most of the night.

On Saturday, the opening ceremony began at noon and it was just so crowded. It was very cool to feel like we were a part of it and we wandered the streets following marching bands and singing along to songs where the only words we knew were San Fermin! We ended up meeting up with Rachel´s friend Brett, swam in a fountain, made some Australian friends, danced in the streets, and took a nap in the park before the night began. Saturday night was very long but fun, and it was just unbelievable how many people were there and also how dirty it was. Things we learned for next time… don´t wear sandals because our feet were disgusting and everyone else was wearing some type of sneakers. After staying up all night it was time for the run (which we didn´t actually run) and then time to take a nap in the park. Thankfully we changed our bus ticket to Sunday and left around 3 o´clock. It took about 5 hours and we were back home sweet home in Madrid at 8, still wearing our dirty white dresses and red sash proudly because we survived! It was a long, exhausting weekend, but something that I will never forget. I think it will definitely be a once in a lifetime experience for me, but you never know.

Nothing too exciting planned for this week, but I will try to stay more updated!




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