Some highlights from the week

Some highlights from this week…
Running in the park with Rachel on Monday. 3 miles felt like a big accomplishment and it was actually really nice to run through Retiro. I also went out with Fatima on Monday which ended up being really fun and we went to Star y Studio, where I´ve been multiple times before.
Tuesday lunch with MMDDMM at a Mexican restaurant was good and nice to see some familiar faces again.
Wednesday I wandered around La Latina and surrounding areas, and found a store that sold American things and bought a cookie mix to make for Maria´s last day of work and I also found some peanut butter for Rachel. Later, Sheetal and I met Diana from Cultural Vistas for a drink to talk about how our summers and jobs are going because she was leaving for vacation on Friday and wouldn´t be back until the end of August.
Thursday Sheetal and I went to the Prado museum so we could check that off of our list of things to do in Madrid. It was very different from the Reina Sofia, and had lots of Christian based paintings. It was interesting though, and we spent awhile just wandering around to the many many different rooms they had. I also went to the post office and mailed some letters and post cards. It took awhile, just like in the US how the post office is so slow. You take a number, and wait until it shows up on the screen with what counter to go to. It took about half an hour, but thankfully I had my book in my bag so it wasn´t too horrible. Later that night Sheetal, Rachel, Fátima and I went out after hanging out with Farhana and one of her friends at our apartment. Let´s just say it was a fries kind of night.
Friday was Maria´s last day of work which was very sad! It´s going to be weird without her here, and pretty soon most of the other interns are leaving as well, which I will miss because we always take our long coffee breaks, but once everyone is gone we won´t be able to. Maria is coming back next Friday though for a little going away party. Also, the chocolate chip cookies were a hit. Everyone said they were delicious and the best they have ever had, which was very nice of them. They said it must be an American thing to do though to bring cookies, because Spanish people don´t really do that that often. We had a long cookie break that day. Then it was time to leave and I had to say bye to Maria, but it wasn´t for forever because she will be back. So I can be really sad then. My sadness was replaced with excitement though because right after work I got to go pick up my pictures! I was so excited. As soon as I left the store I just stood on the street and looked through all of them and they were priceless. Seriously, there is just something about film that digital cameras will never be able to compare to. Then I went home and was actually pretty busy until I had to leave for the train station. Farhana and I cleaned the apartment, I did some laundry, went to the grocery store, uploaded pictures, packed, cleaned my room, and made dinner. And then around 830 I left to go to the train station to meet Rachel for our trip to Portugal.

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