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I have a lot to catch up on!
The last thing I left off on was coming back from Pamplona. After a crazy weekend I had a pretty relaxing week. One night Rachel and I went with Nerissa Hannah Alex and Jack and got drinks near La Latina, in an area I somehow have never been before. It was vegetarian, not Mexican, but it was a cute place where we sat outside until it started raining, which was very unusual. We went in to finish our drinks before going home. Another night I stayed home and watched a movie with Fátima in Spanish, which was very relaxing and something I haven´t really done since being here. Thursday…? Rachel and I made dinner and then went and got drinks but headed home early to be ready to leave for Valencia the next day!
Valencia was wonderful and relaxing as well. It took us a little longer than we thought to get there because our bus got stuck in traffic but we made it to the hostel around 10 after stopping for some shwarma on the way. A new discovery since being in Europe and it´s delicious although it is considered only a drunken snack here, but it´s cheap and good and we eat it anyway. Once we got to the hostel we were greeted by a group about to go on a pub crawl so we dropped our bags and joined. It was a good time and we didn´t come back too late.  Saturday we got up and asked right away how to get to the beach. We stopped at a little fruit store and dia of course to get some snacks, and then got on a bus that was supposedly going to the beach. It took about half an hour and we weren´t exactly sure where to get off, so we just followed people that had beach bats and sun hats, assuming they were going the same place. It was looking cloudy when we got there but it turned out to be a beautiful day. We rented chairs because we forgot towels, of course why would we ever do such a thing as bring towels to the beach, and stayed there literally all day. We swam, walked, read, napped, ate, and sat right on the edge of the water. Then for dinner we had to get some paella since we were in Valencia
and went to a restaurant where we could look out at the beach and water while we ate. It was delicious and perfect to be sitting right at the beach. The way back to the hostel was a little bit of a struggle because we were tired and delusional from the sun and ended up getting off the bus a couple stops too early and then walking the wrong way
before realizing how far away we were. We probably walked almost an hour to get home, but do we ever do anything the easy way? No. And the answer is always… well now we know for next time. We got back to the hostel, showered and napped before going up to the roof for a drink and to make some friends. We ended up going out again with the bar crawl people but not actually paying for it, of course. It was fun again, but very similar to the night before. Sunday was basically a repeat of Saturday. Snacks in the morning, bus to the beach, stayed there until around 530 until we had to go back to the hostel to get our stuff and head to the bus station to go home. We had another hot bus ride home and didn’t get to Madrid until around 1230, and then had to take the metro home. Overall a very relaxing weekend, but still fun, and absolutely wonderful to be at the beach!

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