A new adventure

I feel that it is only right that I explain the title of this blog, as the reasoning behind it occurred exactly one year ago today. It was on the last night of my trip to visit Caitlin and Beth. It was a Sunday night, and we were quite worn out from the battles with Berlin we had over the past couple of days. We had planned to go to the hostel after dinner and pack because we had to leave for the airport very early in the morning. I was going back to Madrid and Caitlin and Beth were beginning their journey home. And as plans usually don’t go according to plan, we found ourselves roaming around the streets of Germany with new friends from Belgium. All of a sudden one of them starting running down the street, waving his arms, and yelling “schmetterling” with a goofy grin on his face. He looked foolish, yet so carefree and happy that it made us laugh. Schmetterling means butterfly in German, and he explained that wherever he goes he likes to learn how to say butterfly in that language and run through the street yelling it because wouldn’t it make you laugh if you saw a foreigner running around and yelling butterfly in your language? It is such a strange story but it somehow stuck with us and reminds me of some of the wonderful times of traveling. The vibrant souls that you have these often single encounters with yet stay with you for a long time. Mariposa is butterfly in Spanish, and it seemed fitting for my time in Spain last summer. It’s a reminder to embrace life and be weird and that everything will be okay. And now a new adventure awaits. I guess I must learn how a Ghanain would say butterfly.


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