Ah, Africa

Processed with VSCOcam with m3 preset Hike to the Upper Falls

It’s like coming back from a fun summer weekend up north. Except instead of driving through the mitten we are bouncing across Ghana, heading west back to Accra from the eastern Volta Region, which is home to the Wli Falls. Different, yet still the same – tired and dirty, and happy with the memories of the weekend. As the bus pulls away from the Wli Water Lodge, I am content to be sitting in the front, with a beautiful view out the windows that surround me and with new friends next to me. I hear a conversation in Spanish and get to jump in, and I talk to one of the Ghanaian students in front of me about his experiences abroad and as coordinator of these trips. The sun is setting on a magnificent landscape, the mountains in the distance acting as a backdrop. The sky is streaked vibrantly with blue, purple, pink and orange, and then fades to dusty tones that make the trees appear only as black silhouettes. Peaceful vibes fill my mind despite the bumpy roads and I take a second to appreciate the moment, as well as the wonderful weekend I had. A deep breath in, and an exhale that sounds like ah, Africa.


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