That sinking feeling in your stomach when you realize you messed something up. You waited too long to do something and now it’s too late. How do you let go of that feeling of regret? If only I had worked on it sooner, if only I hadn’t gone up north that weekend, if only I had focused on this instead of my homework that will soon be irrelevant… These thoughts plague my brain but I try to let them go so I can focus on what I still have time to do. I sit here writing, trying to calm my soul, but feel the energies buzzing around my head – of the never ending to-do list I have, where I’m supposed to be and at what time, and who I promised what but forgot to do until I’m reminded. I just want to press pause. It’s funny that a little over a month ago I was antsy to get home, to get back to this chaotic life. When I would get home from the hospital and have an empty evening awaiting me. Balance is key. Being bored is not ideal, but neither is being spread too thin.

Can anything positive come from procrastination? I will continue to take it one day at a time and face those things which I have been putting off.


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