Multiple Exposures











My inspiration for this project comes from two subjects I enjoy photographing the most – anything outside, especially trees, as well as people. After a lot of experimentation, I chose to do simple portraits superimposed over images of trees and plants. I made the multiple exposures in my camera by shooting a roll of film underexposed, rewinding it, and then placing it back in the camera and shooting again on top of the original underexposed photos. I like to think the photos that turned out well were a mixture of intention and accident, as I was seeking out certain things, yet only a few turned out well, simply by chance. The people I chose as subjects were people that are important in my life – a good amount of the pictures I chose were of my sister and the rest were of some of my close friends at school. I wanted to create a certain kind of stillness in the images that demonstrate the ways in which nature can bring about peace in our lives and help us to contemplate and reflect inward.


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