Mariposa, Mariposa

The Beginning


It has now been a little over 6 weeks since I arrived in Chile to teach English with the program English Opens Doors through the Chilean Ministry of Education. Rather than try to recount all the wonderful, lovely, and also frustrating details of my life here, I thought I would try to summarize with some photos.


My lovely host sisters, Cony, Stephany, and little Isidora.

Birthday celebrations

Sunny sundays at the park

Some g-free empañadas made with love.

High school friends and terremotos

Home & Community 


La casa

Evening runs

Commute {La Florida to Puente Alto}

Plaza Puente Alto


School {Colegio Maipo}



La sala de profesores

Learning to dance cueca


Odds and Ends

La feria

Cajon del Maipo