Snail Mail

One of my top 5 favorite things in this crazy, increasingly virtual world is getting mail. The slow kind. That can take a few weeks to arrive if you’re out of the country, and only a few days if you’re not. There’s nothing like receiving something someone else once held and that magically traveled through many other hands, to finally arrive in yours. Even better when it’s filled with something that person created, that has a little piece of their spirit, words written from their heart.

{The other four include getting film developed, a nice cup of coffee, a g free treat, and the feeling of the sun on my face}.

Last Tuesday, I spent a few hours at my kitchen table, painting and writing and cutting and addressing, stuffing, and sealing envelopes. The next day I took my juicy stack of valentines to the post office and greeted my friend Al with a smile. He has been there for as long as I can remember – back in the days when I would go with my dad on his Saturday morning errands and we would make a stop at the post office to pick up and drop off mail. He is kind and friendly and laughs every time he gives me the various shipping options and I always say the cheapest way.

He took my silly vegetable pun valentines destined for other spots in the mitten and put them in a pile and then started punching in numbers and sticking on labels to those international envelopes – headed to Spain, Thailand, Chile. And I left them in his hands to be placed in the right baskets and bins to arrive to their final destinations.

The best part of these valentines that I sent were the unexpected messages I got from those who received them. Knowing that someone’s day was made or that someone was inspired to make their own cards by this little act makes me happy. The littlest things are those that I treasure and try my very best to appreciate.

I challenge you to send someone you love a piece of snail mail this month and brighten their day in the littlest way.


2 thoughts on “Snail Mail

  1. Your cards are ADORABLE and I love the puns! 🙂 Snail mail is such a rewarding and fun hobby; I’m glad more and more people are working to bring it back in the 21st century. Postal workers like your friend Al are heroes–it’s amazing how easily we can send things around the world with their help!

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