Mariposa, Mariposa

A Year Out


Things I’ve Learned* In the Past Year

{This is extracted from a letter I wrote to one of my favorite pen pals}


This is something I’ve never been very good at. But it’s so important that I speak my mind and express my feelings. I’m always a people pleaser but still need to be able to know what’s best for myself and not be afraid to share it with others [in a kind way].

Listening to Myself

So many times I turn to others for their advice rather than listening to MYSELF. I value others’ opinions, but also need to trust myself and my body and my heart, even if it’s not the “normal” path or I may be lonely as a result.

Being Comfortable with the Uncomfortable

I love to have everything neatly planned out and one of my favorite questions is why? But as a wise person once asked me – what if our doubts & uncertainties could be used as a compass, rather than a riddle? I want to be more okay with not knowing.

Patience / Non-Attachment / Letting Go

This also leads into being patient with myself, with my feelings, with situations with others. Not getting upset when something doesn’t go the way I want it to and not being too attached to plans, ideas or things. And to be able to let things go when they no longer serve me.

*I think this should really say “made more aware of” because I’m still learning/practicing/absorbing these things.