Great lakes, great times

Summer time in Michigan is mesmerizing. It makes you forget that snow ever falls or that it could ever possibly be cold enough to wear a parka. This was the first July spent in Michigan in many years & after many adventures up north I was left wondering why I had ever left during this time.

Lake Michigan, Lake Huron, Lake Superior. Kayaking, swimming, floating. My first ever trip to the UP. Cottages on Platte and Crooked Lakes. Sitting in front of Lake Kimball at Camp Henry. In all of these places feeling in awe of the magic that water can bring. The magical sparkle of the water glistening in the sun, the sound of the waves gently rolling over the rocks or the sand, yet also the silence enveloping your ears when you dive right through them, the feeling of cool water on hot skin. It can be so healing & so freeing. Thankful to these great lakes for all the great times this summer.



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