It Starts With Movement

New goals for this new year – to hold myself accountable for my words and actions, to be honest, to create, to learn. But one of the biggest is to cultivate my voice, especially through writing.

Thinking about the way I write. Getting advice from a favorite writer of mine has helped me approach it in a different way. It’s about the flow and transferring those energies within me across the page to convey how I feel. Practicing and practicing and practicing. Small prompts, 10 or 15 minutes. But it all starts with movement – running or yoga before I start has really helped me.

I am the strong study trunk of a tree. The wind is whipping and thrashing my branches. Leaves are being wrestled, turned upside down and the limbs are swaying. But the trunk is sturdy. It doesn’t run away from the branches, nor does it get mad at the wind. It simply stays still. Firm in the belief that it’s roots will hold it down. It’s roots, which have taken years of cultivating, will not be upset by this one particular storm. Rather, the trunk will take refuge in itself, it will turn inward and be grateful for the roots. I am strong. I am brave. I am willing to stand my ground despite the storm. 

These small practices I’ve been doing are not perfect. But I find the less I think, the better they come out. Keeping my hand moving and not letting my brain take over and say no, that isn’t right and turning those negative beliefs into positive affirmations.

It starts with movement, and ends with truth.


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